Hailing from the heart of Flint, Michigan—a city known for its resilient inhabitants, despite the challenges of ecological disaster, poverty, and crime. Over a decade ago I embarked on the start of a life-long journey across the continental U.S. and beyond. From the urban landscapes of Flint to Puerto Rico’s vibrant rain forests, and my ancestral homelands in Ireland, my experiences have inspired myself as an individual and my artwork alike.

My creations span a diverse spectrum, from vivid paintings reflecting the hues of my journey to meticulously crafted leather pieces and unique light emitting sculptures. As a traveling artist, I’ve evolved into a curator of tales and artifacts—found objects seamlessly woven into my art, transcending geographical boundaries and carrying the essence of the places and souls I’ve encountered. Every creation tells a story of resilience, waste, beauty, and the diverse narratives found throughout.

I am a dreamer and I am a do’er. Thus, I am slowly redesigning, with attention to detail on the smallest of levels. My goal is simple. Build a minimal website that is modern, beautiful, functional, completely self-hosted. Eventually to be powered by 75% solar energy. Support the project by ordering your very own original piece of artwork, 100% of donations are put directly towards achieving this goal.


Skilled in

Making things from trash



Security Research

Web Design